Dedicated to finding  sustainable solutions to malnutrition, we promote a preventive  rather than  curative approach.

Nutrition Beyond Borders is accredited Canadian as a charity.  We represent a variety  of individuals concerned with food issues who wish to make an impact where it really counts. 

US, THE nations, have the power to change the world

-Déclaration of the United Nations–

100% of donations

NSF is made up of volunteers who volunteer their time. There are no intermediary NGOs or diversion of donations. All resources are devoted to supporting initiatives on the ground..

Sustainable change

Sustainable actions NSF works to promote food self-sufficiency by using proven models and innovation to better meet the needs. By advocating prevention and ensuring that communities are mobilized, NSF helps communities better organize themselves from their own local resources.

A solid multidisciplinary expertise

NSF's members are dynamic, highly skilled and optimistic people from different backgrounds, countries. Each one brings his or her contribution to the project to fight malnutrition in a decentralized participatory management.

A human approach focused on the needs of communities

Children, youth and mothers are at the heart of NSF's mission. Each project is developed by attending to their needs and strengthening local capacities in order to promote self-sufficiency.


Since september 2020, Nutritio0n beyond borders is a recognized charity. 

No de charité: 78089 5272

Our administrative board

Our board is composed of experts in their own field. It is a complementary team that really makes NSF an inclusive, multidisciplinary organization.



Mr Conoir is a graduate of the Institut Universitaire des Hautes Études Internationales in Geneva, with an MA (Political Science) and an MBA (International Management). He has worked for over 20 years with major organizations such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNICEF, Care, and in over 70 different countries. He is also a researcher at UQAM and lecturer at Université Laval and Université de Montréal. He is the author of several books on international development management.

Jacqueline Sokpoly


Jacqueline Sokpoly, former lawyer in her country, Benin, is a natural communicator. Mother of three wonderful boys, she supports women as Founder and President of REFA Canada, the Entrepreneurial Network of African Women in Canada, she is an entrepreneur who acts as a mentor to hundreds of young and newcomers by sharing her passion for entrepreneurship.

Marie-France Lalancette

Founder and secretary

Retired after a career of more than 20 years as a nutritionist, including 10 years in pediatric nutrition, founder of 3 community organizations and author of 5 books, Marie-France Lalancette is the instigator of this movement of solidarity in the fight against hunger that today represents NSF. It is with great authenticity and with the vision to offer everyone the opportunity to make a difference, no matter their profession or age, that she leads NSF to take up the challenge of solving malnutrition and World hunger.

Sébastien Mailloux


A graduate of HEC in 2000, Sébastien Mailloux is a seasoned CMA-CPA. A director of numerous companies for the past 20 years, his extensive experience in finance makes him an invaluable advisor to NSF.



Canado-Gabonese, Viviane Minko is a graduate of HEC Montreal and the University of Montreal, she is dedicated to the cause of women and the most vulnerable. She has many strings to her bow, she is a seasoned manager, dedicated community leader, politician, speaker with great expertise in female leadership, coaching people, administration, events etc.

Thierry Kotchoni


Originally from Benin, Thierry Kotchoni is an agronomist by training. He has worked in several spheres, including quality control in the agro-food industry, but he is particularly interested in sustainable and innovative agricultural methods such as aquaponics. Having led several projects to support the fight against hunger, particularly in Senegal, he brings much appreciated expertise to NSF.

Cheryse Houndonougbo


Graduated from the University of Moncton (Moncton, NB) in 2015, Cheryse is a clinical dietician, originally from Benin in West Africa. Coming to Canada with the goal of studying medicine, she fell in love with nutrition. As a nutritionist working in a remote region, she continues to maintain a passion for international cooperation, which is at the heart of her priorities, which she demonstrates through her constant involvement in NSF, from the very beginning.



Graduated from the University of Montreal in 1997 (B.Sc Nutrition), Sophie is an accomplished nutritionist with great versatility. As a nutrition educator for over 10 years, and a public and private dietitian for over 15 years, Sophie Venne is a clinical asset to NSF.



Founder of the Réseau bien-être de la Francophonie Masso-Cie portal, the Booxpot body care appointment platform and the Tribongo well-being events platform in Quebec, Katja Prpic is an outstanding business development advisor who shares with NSF all its expertise in web marketing.

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